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How to increase hemoglobin in pregnancy folk remedies

Август 22, 2011 |  

Low hemoglobin during pregnancy — is very common. Symptoms of this are familiar to all: lack of energy, apathy, drowsiness. The reason for the fall of hemoglobin is iron deficiency in the so-called iron deficiency anemia. Basically in order to raise the level of red blood cells doctors prescribe iron pills. However, many expectant mothers do not tend to drink once more pills, so our article on how to raise the hemoglobin in pregnancy folk remedies, it is very urgent.

The main role of the hemoglobin is carrying oxygen from the lungs into the blood and all body cells. With its lack of, caused by iron deficiency anemia, the process of oxygen transfer is broken and there comes a lack of oxygen in the mother tissue and, therefore, the unborn child. Know how to raise the hemoglobin in pregnancy or folk ways tabletarno very important. Because the consequences of oxygen starvation are not limited to general malaise and a change in eating habits of mother, they can be very serious for a child's development.

Unfortunately, on their own to cope with falling hemoglobin in pregnant women can only be a slight deviation from the norm it and only if, prior to pregnancy, the number of red blood cells you have been normal. But, following a certain diet can prevent iron-deficiency anemia and to prevent the hemoglobin fall.

There are a number of foods high in iron, which can help increase hemoglobin and help with anemia, namely, pomegranates and their juice, dried apricots, all sorts of apples, beef, veal, liver, nuts, oatmeal, cocoa, and of course buckwheat.

To raise the hemoglobin in pregnancy does not necessarily overeat the above products — all necessary measure and common sense. For example, the daily rate of walnut — three to five nucleoli. You can eat oatmeal for breakfast with dried apricots and honey, and alternate with buckwheat — a champion for their iron content. If buckwheat porridge or not to your liking — Crush cereal in a coffee grinder and take twice a day on a teaspoon.

It is also very helpful in decreasing hemoglobin quail eggs. They contain almost as much iron as red meat. Do not forget about sea kale, even taste it, and "the amateur" the best source of iron search. But cheese is much more pleasant and familiar product, mixed with nuts and honey — get a wonderful dessert.

Thus, in order to raise the hemoglobin in pregnancy your nutrition should be balanced, iron-rich foods. Try to choose from the options, only those that you like, because the good emotions during pregnancy — a pledge the health of your baby!

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