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Mustard hair: masks with mustard for growth, nutrition and the amount of hair

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Beautiful, strong, naturally thick hair can support the usual dry mustard. Mask or shampoo, mustard is excellent stimulate hair growth — it's a fact! Caution: These masks should burn moderately tolerable.

Restorative Mask mustard

For the preparation of the easiest hair mask with mustard at home need a little mustard powder and water:

1. Dissolve a packet of mustard with water until thick sour cream. Spread the roots around for five minutes, another time and in subsequent sessions — ten minutes or more. Cover the head cap made of polyethylene.

2. To add the mustard, cream, olive oil, mayonnaise — all on a spoon. Rub the pulp of the roots and just cover with polyethylene. At forty minutes to warm the head, all the wash.

3. A tablespoon of mustard, plus two tablespoons strong brewed black tea mixed with egg yolk. It's all put on the roots of the thirty minutes.

Nourishing mask with mustard

A tablespoon of mustard powder, 100 ml. yogurt and egg yolk mixed with honey, almond oil. Drop rosemary oil — just 4 drops. Components, mixed, applied to the skin and hair. Then, covered with polyethylene, insulated head for forty minutes, wash off the mask and shampoo.

Suitable for the growth of hair mask with aloe mustard

Mustard has long been used for hair growth. Enhance its effect by using the following masks. Two egg yolks, juice, aloe vera and, of course, mustard powder to take a tablespoon. Add two teaspoons of cream. Be sure to apply on dry hair. Soak for twenty minutes, and rinse.

Mustard to increase hair

Dissolve gelatin in water first, let swell. Then, drain, mix a teaspoon of gelatin with egg yolk and mustard. Keep the mask for half an hour, rinse with water, but no shampoo.

Shampoo with mustard

One-fourth of a piece of children's soap crush in a grater. "Brew" soap cup water, add two tablespoons of chamomile or nettle infusion. All of this filter, add the mustard — two tablespoons. Shampoo will pass a week when stored in the cold.

After washing your hair, mustard safely add to boiling water (a tablespoon to two liters). Rinse hair with this tool, and then little water with lemon juice.

Try and understand that beauty is irreplaceable hair mustard!

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