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How to cheer yourself up in winter

Август 13, 2011 |  

On the street dismal weather, is always snow or rain, but the soul as lonely and sad? In this case, you will help to advice on how to cheer yourself up during the winter.

The main thing to understand what oppresses you in the winter. Here are a few options for the causes of your bad mood:

Most have nothing to wear. Start with the first month of the winter shopping trip! Let your wardrobe be added novelties of the season and stylish winter accessories. This process will give you a lot of fun, plus everyone out on the street in the new dress — it's a positive.

• frost Frozen car window. If you try to tear off each morning with a glass ice machine credit card or, God forbid, manicured nails, the mood on the day will be ruined, like a manicure.

It is better to buy only a special brush — and save you time and hassle.

Gray and gloomy landscape of the streets. If the nature of this year was not pleased with the blinding and bring all the heart, white landscapes — Rejoice! That means no huge traffic jams and damaged by snow shoe. To maintain the spirit of winter — put your home or office a beautiful picture of a snow-covered mountain slopes.

Dry skin of the face and hands. The skin on your lips cracked, her face reddening and winds — are the result of cold and malnutrition of the skin. To combat these side effects cold and dry air from heating a home can be with nourishing cream, lip balm, and special protective creams for the face and hands. And do not forget gloves!

Sooner it gets dark. Of course it is difficult to wake up in the morning when the room was still dark in the evening to return home through the dark streets, but on the nature of our control and advice can only be one — get the benefit. Well, the perfect way to cheer yourself up — to arrange a romantic evening by candlelight with her beloved. All the more so in winter do not need to wait for the eleven o'clock — can be started in five!

Of course, there are plenty of pleasant and encouraging activities to raise the tone and mood in the winter months. Among them: winter sports, visits to the rink, modeling snow woman with friends, watching a movie, taking a favorite blanket, etc. The main thing to remember — your mood depends on you!

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