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Sex during the critical days

Август 12, 2011 |  

Historically, a society of "critical days" — is a mystery, which prefers to speak in a whisper. Only in the 20th century appeared the first hygiene products such as tampons or pads. Until this day the women were forced to use any means available, or even sitting at home during their periods, trying to go out only on an emergency. Because of this attitude to this physiological process in women there is a situation that many are poorly informed about all the intricacies associated with the critical days, and both should behave in a particular situation. For even the church believes that a woman can not come to the temple during the month, explaining that a woman denigrates the sacred place.

Many other historical prejudices and dogmas of the modern woman can not see the whole picture. So, we invented a thousand titles ("These Days", "critical days", "month", etc.), instead use the medical term — "menstruation." When this word for some reason feel uncomfortable? In contrast to the above, we will try to answer the question, which asked thousands of women every day, "Can I have sex during the critical days?".

Many girls and women familiar with the situation when a man is particularly sexual activity during the critical days, but no one really knows whether it is possible and to have sex during this period.

During menstruation, blood flow increases significantly in intimate places women, exacerbated by all the senses. Is spent force, hence there is tension and irritability. It is believed that the 4-7 days in the month the most unpleasant, including men. Many girls even remembered with relief during pregnancy, because 9 months of nothing bothered.

Output of such a situation, one — to have sex! Do not be afraid …

Only during the critical days is likely to place any infection, so you and your partner must comply with all hygienic measures and be sure to use a condom.

Also do not forget that during the menstruation can become pregnant. Many believe that this is not out of ignorance and can afford to present an unexpected surprise!

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