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Yeast to Hair Mask of yeast — it's easy!

Август 12, 2011 |  

The composition of the yeast is rich in mineral substances for the hair, which is why the mask of yeast is very efficient and diverse. What makes yeast hair so useful? The thing is that they contain protein from which, in essence, are our hair, as well as in yeast is a vitamin B and PP, which is responsible for their rapid growth and strength. The most simple and effective hair mask from the yeast in our article.

• Mask of yeast with honey and yogurt

Yeast mask with honey and yogurt is suitable for all hair types, it is perfectly nourishes the hair and gives it a softness. To prepare this mask two small spoons of dry yeast with warm milk or diluted with water and place for an hour in a warm place. Then add in the resulting composition of two tablespoons liquid honey and half cup of yogurt, mix thoroughly. The finished mask slowly rub into the hair roots and spread along the entire length of your hair. To enhance the effect of the head to wrap with cellophane and a soft towel. An hour later, the mask can be washed off with water or herbal decoction.

• Dry yeast hair — a mask with mustard

Another useful hair mask of dry yeast is designed to improve growth and strengthen hair roots. For this recipe, mix a tablespoon of yeast with a little water and a small spoon of sugar sand. Hour mixture should ferment in a warm place. Then add to the composition of the mask 2 tbsp. tablespoons mustard powder and one of honey. The resulting mixture is a very good mix and begin to rub into the hair of measles. Yeast mask with mustard on his head should be at least an hour. After that it should be cleaned with water and wash your regular shampoo. By making such a mask only once a week, a month later you notice that your hair falls out less and are much thicker.

• Brewer's yeast for the hair — the mask of the yeast and egg

The mask of brewer's yeast better than other home remedies nourishes the hair and strengthens the roots, makes them shine and elasticity. Recipe for a mask pretty simple. Tablespoon dried brewer's yeast, connect with half a cup of warm milk and leave for half an hour to wander in the warmth. After the need to add two eggs and a tablespoon of any oil, plant, burdock, castor, almond. After a thorough beating of the mixture on the mask should be on the hair flowing movements reminiscent of massage. To the nutrients more quickly penetrated into the roots and hair shaft to increase the temperature, it will help to make cellophane worn on the head cap and towel. After one or two hours after applying the mask from brewer's yeast can be washed away.

Yeasts for Health and Beauty Hair is most effective if you frequently use them. Use a mask of yeast in the care of hair often, so they were beautiful and growing like a weed!

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