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Nectarine: the good, and caloric properties

Август 9, 2011 |  

Fruit is very similar in appearance to the peach, but with smooth skin and even more juicy flesh called nectarines. It is because of higher content of sugar or nectar nectarine and got its name. Homeland of the fruit is considered to be China. It was from many centuries ago, nectarine, was brought to ancient Rome and spread throughout Europe.

The chemical composition of nectarine and its biological characteristics are very similar to the chemical composition and biological characteristics of peaches. But as it turned out, nectarine useful! First, the caloric content of nectarine less, on average, only 44 calories per hundred grams, while a peach from 50 kcal. It is also the fruit surpasses ordinary peach content of vitamin A, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and ascorbic acid. Thus, low calorie and high percentage of nutrients and vitamins make nectarine dietary product that can provide medical preventive effect on the body.

Useful properties of nectarine and more are explained in the fact that there are a lot of fructose, fiber, and pktinov. Frequent consumption of this fruit was shown to prevent cancer patients, and hypertensive people suffering from atherosclerosis. A nectarine properties accelerate the digestion of heavy and greasy food by stimulating the digestive glands to help anyone who has problems with the digestive tract.

For female beauty nectarine useful not only for its dietary properties:

• A high percentage of content in the vitamin A and C helps to retain moisture in the skin of face and body.

• Potassium, which is in excess of nectarines, and normalizes the nervous system, increases resistance to stress and improves sleep.

• Pectin slow connection livelihoods of harmful microorganisms.

• Insoluble fiber in the flesh nectarine is indispensable for the normal functioning of the intestines, as it can prevent many diseases of the digestive system.

• Soluble fiber has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, as it can reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

What would be useful was not a nectarine, it is good for all and not have contraindications. Nectarine fruit juice and is not recommended in the diet for people prone to obesity, patients with diabetes and allergies.

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