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How to remove belly fat after cesarean section?

Август 9, 2011 |  

Increasing the amount of fat in the abdomen after childbirth or Caesarean observed in almost every second woman and is associated with hormonal changes and other processes going on in the body for months of pregnancy. Remove abdomen after complicated cesarean section than after vaginal delivery, because after the operation is prohibited to engage in intense exercise in the press and expose the body from stress and starvation diets.

Do not worry and do not panic the first few months after the Caesarean section, it is possible that it tighten on their own or with a bandage. Usually to recover from pregnancy, your body need as much time as you nurtured the child, that is nine months.

If you are not willing to wait patiently, and we intend to remove the stomach immediately after cesarean section and quickly you will be interested to know that the show, and that is contraindicated for to do so.

So, what can do to lose weight after cesarean:

Harry organism strict diets. You are now primarily a mother of food which the health and development of your baby. Only with a diverse and adequate nutrition, the milk will be good and beneficial to the child. On the other hand be a young mother on a diet is dangerous for your psychological state. May be nervous breakdowns, chronic fatigue and as a result — postpartum depression.

Too abundantly fed. Many women mistakenly believe that by nourishing diet milk of nursing mothers will be better and this diet will help to quickly recover from a Caesarean section. Yes, as we have said, you can not starve, but eat well — it does not mean eating for two! Your diet should be varied, full of vitamins, minerals and proteins — the main thing.

Actively practicing in the gym. We mentioned earlier that after cesarean body must recover from a young mother, so excessive exercise are contraindicated. Although it does not mean that you should sit on the couch with chips and wait for death. Remove the stomach after cesarean section can help you with frequent walks stroller in the park, cleaning the apartment, carrying a baby in her arms and dancing light.

What you need to do to remove the stomach after cesarean:

Wear a postpartum retention bandage. This band covers a area of ​​bedernyh bone to the chest, tummy pulled well, which visually creates the appearance of harmony. But its main functional task is to support the press and prevent sagging muscles. Since the stomach is pulled in a lot faster and looks beautiful.

Sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach after cesarean section is useful for weight loss so that this situation contributes to the reduction of the uterus and during this sleep strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Walk as often as possible, and more. This type of exercise is not dangerous, and good for the baby more time to spend outside of a stuffy apartment. Arrange a promenade in the morning and evening, and then your tummy will melt very quickly without a trace.

Zabyvayt not about cosmetic procedures. Today, the spectrum of various means of stretch marks and scars in the form of creams, masks and scrubs are extremely high. It is unlikely that only by forcing cosmetics can remove the stomach after cesarean, but to improve the skin condition, skin tone, elasticity and softness may well be!

Having to deal with the stomach after cesarean section, do not expect instant results — this war will require much time and patience. The main thing for you to be just your health! If there were vaginal or surgical sutures, as well as pain — minutely consult a doctor.

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