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Permanent makeup procedure and contraindications

Август 9, 2011 |  

Permanent makeup — a procedure similar to tattooing, as under the skin to a depth of 1 millimeter is introduced to the body safe dye that eventually comes down. The most common today, permanent makeup eyebrows, lips or eyelids. What is the procedure of permanent makeup, whether it has any contraindications, and "for" and "cons" of this kind exist in the make-up in more detail in our article.

How is the procedure?

At the initial stage of creating a sketch. You discuss with the master domain makeup, colors, technique. Be sure to check the availability of the certificate and medical education at the master. Given that the procedure will be performed on the face, that is on the lips, eyelids, eyebrows, you will be offered anesthesia, but it is not mandatory, the more unacceptable that an allergic reaction to any medications. Anesthesia also provokes a small swelling. Duration of treatment depends on the complexity, so it can last from several hours to several sessions.

Care after permanent make-up

After the procedure, the treated areas as small redness and swelling, so it is usually for 3-5 days require special care in the home, which you describe in detail the master. In general, during the healing period is not advisable to sunbathe and use cosmetics. Should wash your face with warm water, and the lip may require prevention of the phenomenon of cold sores.

How long will face permanent makeup depends primarily on the professionalism and quality of the master of them. The second in importance — the proper care after the procedure. And of course the individual characteristics of the skin.

In any case even the most successful permanent makeup will not last forever. According to statistics, it remains a vivid without adjustment from six months to three years.

Contraindications for permanent makeup

Do any type of permanent make-up is strictly prohibited, if you have:

1) dangerous diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, etc.

2) keen herpes

3) during pregnancy and lactation,

4) a tendency to allergies,

Also not desirable to use of alcohol and coffee drinks in the day of the procedure.

In permanent makeup has its "pros" and "against." Let's start with the good things that we promised to tattooing of lips, eyebrows and eyelids:

• Save time on everyday make-up;

• thanks to makeup a tattoo girl, professionally involved in sports, or just lovers of leisure can not worry about make-up during the competition or forays into the mountains.

• no longer have to choose between the comfortable and beautiful during a trip to the resort — permanent makeup is not afraid of the sun nor the treacherous waves of the sea;

• Girls who suffer from allergies to cosmetics, get rid of the problems with the make-up;

• If you are not happy with some part of your face, for example, is too narrow upper lip — it can fix the permanent makeup.

But there are undeniable disadvantages of a permanent tattoo person, and now more about them:

• the process of applying permanent painful;

• may begin a sharp allergic to dye, administered under the skin, despite the earlier test conducted;

• the risk of herpes in the mouth increases two times;

• after the procedure while your appearance will be, to say the least, be far from good;

• there is always a risk that the end result you do not like it, but I have to live with and smeritsya obtained form the eyebrows or lips for several years. Fashion and new trends in make-up in your case will not apply.

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