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How to get rid of the burrs on the fingers

Август 9, 2011 |  

Hangnail on your fingers can cause discomfort and unpleasant sensation of pain, so get rid of them should be mandatory. Just give the burrs hands unsightly appearance and can cause inflammation of the skin. How to treat a hangnail in detail in our article.

Handle the burrs iodine solution or any other antiseptic. This is to prevent penetration into the wound of dirt and bacteria, as well as dry skin. If large burrs — this procedure can be quite painful, but bearable.

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. After its application with a soft towel dry your hands and apply antiseptic. Because the skin is already dried burrs and pain will be felt not so much. It is also anti-bacterial soap is an element of prevention.

Lubricate the burrs infusions of medicinal plants with healing effect, such as plantain, calendula and chamomile. It is also an excellent natural antiseptic is tea tree oil. Anoint them burrs, and the result will not wait for it a long time.

To prevent burrs, use a nourishing cream for hands and do not forget to take care of your nails: manicure done carefully and under no circumstances are not biting the cuticle of the teeth.

Get rid of the burrs on the fingers of all you can manage only with constant care for your hands and nails.

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